How Having Gourmet Ready Made Meals Delivered to Your Door is Helping the Planet

9 Blog 9 How Having Gourmet Ready Made Meals Delivered to Your Door is Helping the Planet

The stigma once attached to having frozen ready-made meals delivered to your door freezer ready, has been banished forever! Gone are the days of potentially ‘inferior’ or ‘tasteless’ meals being an acceptable commodity.

Once deemed to be a low brow method of feeding yourself and your family or friends, the development of gourmet meals has provided the frozen food industry with a complete makeover and a sustainable resource for both consumer and manufacturers. This is not taking into consideration, of course, that the overall taste and presentation has become far more attractive. Discerning palettes can now buy with confidence in what they receive from companies such as Hey Fresto!

Consider these facts

Whilst there are a multitude of reasons to consider having gourmet ready made meals delivered to your door for your freezer, the decision is not just simply based on taste, price and convenience (although they are, of course, important).

Individuals and families are becoming increasing aware of how the carbon footprint is affecting our planet. If you have heard of ‘food miles’, sustainability and carbon footprint, these are aspects you should consider when purchasing your favourite foods. Here are some facts for you to ‘digest’.

  • Hey Fresto! ready made frozen gourmet meals are created, where possible, with local produce, cutting down on unnecessary food miles and exotic produce being flown in from overseas, all the time. After all, food brought in by air typically creates around 10 times more carbon emissions than road transport and around 50 times more than shipping.
  • The average household will drive over 270-300 miles a year for grocery/food shopping (statistics based on only one car per household)
  • Ever looked at the amount of packaging you have to throw away from a supermarket shop? Copious plastic bags that potentially end up in landfill or even worse, our waterways and seas. This landfill can take a ‘frightening’ amount of years to degrade, if at all. Just two containers for a main dish and a side dish is all you need to feed up to 6 people when you buy from Hey Fresto! Another contribution towards saving the life of our planet
  • Fewer emissions from Hey Fresto! food deliveries, than from a weekly grocery shop. A streamlined supply system from us direct to the customer can cut down on the effect of transportation
  • Carefully constructed area deliveries – grouping orders together by area will save on unnecessary mileage
  • Longer storage time for ready made frozen gourmet meals, negates having to throw food away, i.e sustainability. You only remove your dishes from the freezer when you are actually going to eat them, preventing unnecessary wastage of both food and packaging

In a nutshell when you look at the entire process of getting your pasta, your curry or a delicious casserole on the table, the step with the greatest environmental impact is sourcing the produce or meat. However, storing food, displaying it so shoppers can browse at their leisure, and then throwing it out when it doesn’t get purchased actually makes grocery shopping, as a concept, more expensive and more harmful to our planet than having it delivered to your door.

This is certainly food for thought’…


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