Top Tips for keeping your Freezer in Good Condition

9 Blog 9 Top Tips for keeping your Freezer in Good Condition

Our beautiful ready made frozen meals are really tasty and arrive at your door in tip-top condition. When you choose from our range of British classics, Mediterranean and Asian dishes, make sure you are ‘freezer ready’ – below are some top tips for maintaining good use of your freezer.

Once your frozen meals are delivered to your door, it is important to get them away into your freezer without just piling them up in any fashion. Regular maintenance and stock rotation will ensure your freezer and your food lasts a long time. It does not take long – but your freezer will be a long-term friend with due care and attention.

Regular Temperature Checks

Modern-day freezers generally have a built-in thermometer, often digital. If you have an older freezer, it is wise to place a food-safe freezer thermometer inside – in fact, it is a good idea to have one anyway. The optimum temperature to keep your freezer at is -18°C. If your freezer goes above or below, simply adjust the thermostat. 

Regular Maintenance

You may think it is a bit of a ‘faff’, taking everything out of the freezer and cleaning it down. However, this regular maintenance will ensure that you get the best out of your appliance. A well-maintained freezer should last you over 10 years – better than ignoring it and having to replace it on a regular basis. A short time out of your schedule will ensure that your ready made frozen meals stay as tasty as they can and prevent any degradation.

Clearing/Defrosting your Freezer

Regular defrosting will stop any ice building up and keep enough room in your freezer to store your produce. A build-up of ‘icebergs’ will not do your freezer any good in terms of efficiency, it certainly did not help the Titanic! Try to complete the defrost and place your frozen meals back into the freezer within an hour. If the number of hard blocks of ice around the walls is severe, wait until you have little or no food left, then completely defrost overnight or until all the ice has gone. Time to re-order your Hey Fresto! frozen ready made meals, in your lovely, clean and spacious freezer!

You should aim to defrost your freezer twice a year. If your freezer creates excess ice (this often happens if your appliance is self-defrosting), you will need to do it more often. Any ice formed over a couple of centimetres – it is time to defrost.

Keep the Freezer Seals Airtight

Freezer seals can become warped, which will mean that air could escape from your freezer and thus shorten its life. Make sure when cleaning that the gaskets surrounding the freezer door are intact, and do not need replacing. Give them a quick wash down with soapy water, to remove any dirt or residue so that the seals are tight.

If air escapes too often from your freezer, the compressor will wear out, and a new freezer will be necessary.

Give your Food some Space

If you pack your freezer with too much food, you will be overworking it, as the air will struggle to circulate properly. It is a good idea to allow a few centimetres of space between the freezer walls and the food containers to ease the workload on the freezer. 

We know that when frozen food arrives at your door, the first thing you want to do is put it away quickly. Allow yourself just a few minutes to rotate your stock and check out your freezer is working efficiently, and you will not regret it!

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