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Our story

Hey Fresto!

Dining at home made easy!

We at Hey Fresto! believe that life should be full of great experiences. Spending time with family and friends over good food is important to us.

This should be a highlight of the day and not one filled with dread over decisions about what to eat with little time to shop and clean.

We want you to enjoy your time with your loved ones so let us help. Our purpose-built kitchen has over 30 years of experience in making delicious food and feeding the public nationwide.

Our facility is regularly inspected by independent auditors and we have proudly held a grade-A certification for over a decade.

Hey Fresto! meals are put together with the highest level of care and attention which allows you and your family to enjoy the great taste of restaurant-quality food at home.

All ingredients are sourced from approved and ethically sourced suppliers. We are careful to ensure that all our supply partners understand the importance of quality. As such all ingredient deliveries are inspected and checked in before being allowed into any of our dishes.

Our dishes are prepared by trained cooks and hand portioned by a highly experienced team so that each meal deserves a place on your dining table.

Once cooked and portioned all dishes produced are blast frozen on the day of assembly to lock in the goodness of the dish. The quicker the food is frozen the fresher it is.

All our dishes are monitored and checked at every step of the process to ensure that the meal you serve is of the highest quality.

Once frozen our dishes are packed and ready to be delivered to your table.

Hey Fresto! – Dinner is served

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