Easy weeknight dinners for family | UK

Are you tired of the endless rush on weeknights, struggling to put together a delicious and nutritious meal for your family? Say goodbye to the stress and hassle of meal preparation with Hey Fresto! Whether you’re in the mood to cook or prefer the convenience of ready-made meals, Hey Fresto has you covered with a wide range of delectable options. Here are some mouthwatering Hey Fresto meals that will transform your weeknight dinners:

1. Beef Stew with Red Wine & Root Vegetables Ready Meal

  • Tender diced beef, carrots, and swede in a rich red wine gravy flavored with thyme, rosemary, and bay leaf.
  • Perfect for a hearty and comforting dinner.

2. Cottage Pie with Horseradish Mash

  • A British classic with richly flavored beef mince mixed with garden peas and topped with creamy horseradish and chive mash potato.
  • A taste of tradition in every bite.

3. Fish Pie With Smoked Applewood Mash

  • Salmon, white fish, and leeks in a creamy sauce, served with smoked Applewood mash and finished with a dill and lemon zest crumb.
  • Seafood lovers, rejoice!

4. Chicken & Leek in Creamy Tarragon Sauce

  • Succulent diced chicken breast in a creamy leek and white wine-infused sauce flavored with tarragon and wholegrain mustard.
  • An elegant dish with a delightful twist.

5. Croxton Manor Cheese & Cauliflower Bake With Walnut Crumb – Vegetarian Ready Meal

  • Cauliflower florets in a creamy four-cheese béchamel sauce flavored with mustard and leeks, topped with a crunchy walnut and cheese breadcrumb.
  • A vegetarian masterpiece.

6. Spinach & Lentil Pie – Vegan Ready Meal

  • A rich and earthy lentil and spinach mix flavored with thyme and rosemary, topped with kale mash and a crunchy herb breadcrumb.
  • A hearty vegan option for all to enjoy.

7. Beef Lasagne With Chianti

  • A rich beef ragu made with Chianti red wine layered between egg pasta sheets and a creamy béchamel sauce, finished with Italian-style hard cheese.
  • Italian comfort food at its finest.

8. Seafood Paella

  • A Spanish classic rice dish made with prawns, mussels, chorizo, and peppers in a smoky tomato sauce flavored with smoked paprika, white wine, and lemon.
  • A taste of the Mediterranean.

9. Catalan Style Chicken Stew

  • A Spanish-style chicken stew made with succulent diced chicken breast mixed with pulses in a rich white wine and tomato sauce flavored with chorizo, smoked paprika, and basil.
  • A delightful twist on a classic.

10. Chicken & Chorizo Arrabbiata Pasta – Succulent diced chicken breast mixed with pasta in a spicy Arrabbiata tomato sauce flavored with white wine, garlic, basil, and chili flakes. – A flavorful and zesty dish.

11. Lentil & Sage Lasagne – Vegan Ready Meal – Lentil and spinach in a rich red wine sauce flavored with sage, rosemary, and thyme layered between egg-free lasagne sheets, finished with a vegan béchamel sauce and a parsley-sage crumb. – Vegan comfort food done right.

12. Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni – Vegetarian Ready Meal – Cannelloni tubes filled with a creamy spinach and ricotta mix on a rich Mediterranean tomato sauce and finished with a creamy béchamel and Regato cheese topping. – A cheesy delight for vegetarians.

13. Mediterranean Vegetable Paella With Cashew Nuts – Vegan Ready Meals – Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, including piquillo peppers and courgettes, mixed with a deeply flavored paella rice mix and finished with toasted cashew nuts. – A vegan fiesta of flavors.

14. Squash, Cranberry & Red Onion Tagine – Vegan Ready Meal – Moroccan spiced vegetable tagine made with squash, chickpeas, cranberry, and sultanas flavored with cumin and cinnamon. – A taste of North Africa in every bite.

15. Chicken Tikka Masala Ready Meal – Marinated chunks of chicken breast in a rich, creamy, medium-spiced tomato-based sauce with tempered cumin seeds and coriander. – A beloved Indian classic made easy.

16. Saffron Chicken Korma – Succulent diced chicken breast in a creamy coconut-based sauce infused with saffron. – A taste of luxury at your dinner table.

17. Chicken Jalfrezi with Roasted Vegetables – Succulent diced chicken breast mixed with roasted red onions and red and green peppers in a spicy tomato-based sauce. – A delightful fusion of flavors.

18. Garlic Chilli Beef Madras – Tender chunks of beef in a fiery curry sauce infused with aromatic garlic and chili, finished with tempered curry leaves. – A spicy adventure for your taste buds.

19. Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) – Tender marinated breast chicken pieces bound in a rich creamy sauce made with ghee, lentils, and cashew nuts. – A creamy Indian delicacy.

20. Lamb Dhansak – Tender diced leg of lamb mixed with lentils and spinach in a medium-spiced sauce flavored with cardamom and garlic. – A delightful blend of flavors.

21. Goan Style Piri Piri Prawn Curry – Succulent king prawns with a Goan-style curry. – A seafood lover’s dream.

22. Chicken Achari – Succulent diced chicken breast mixed with chickpeas in a colorful pickled spicy sauce flavored with fenugreek leaves. – A spicy twist on a classic.

23. Keralan Red Pepper & Cauliflower Curry – Vegan Ready Meals – Red pepper and cauliflower florets in a fragrant coconut-based sauce flavored with tempered mustard seeds and curry leaves. – A vegan delight with a South Indian flair.

24. Paneer & Palak Curry – Vegetarian Ready Meal – Generous chunks of diced paneer cheese with spinach in a creamy curry sauce flavored with cumin and ghee. – A vegetarian delight with a touch of indulgence.

25. Thai Green Chicken Curry – Succulent diced chicken breast simmered in a creamy aromatic coconut and lemongrass-infused sauce flavored with chili and lime leaves. – A Thai classic at your fingertips.

26. Beef Rendang – A rich, tender, and flavorful coconut beef stew made with lemongrass, curry leaves, and tamarind. – An Indonesian favorite for your dinner table.

27. Chicken & Prawn Chow Mein – Tender diced chicken breast and king prawns in a spicy Oriental sauce flavored with soy and oyster sauce, mixed with noodles, baby corn, and mangetout. – An Asian-inspired delight.

28. Katsu Chicken Curry – Breaded chicken breast with a fragrant Japanese-style curry sauce flavored with coconut, cumin, and ginger. – A Japanese favorite with a crispy twist.

29. Scirachia & Coconut Chicken Curry – Succulent diced chicken breast in a mildly spiced coconut sauce flavored with sriracha, smoked paprika, ginger, and lime. – A fusion of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

30. Mango & Lemongrass Vegetable Laksa – Vegan Ready Meal – A classic Malaysian-style noodle dish made with mango, butternut squash, baby corn, and pak choi, flavored with lemongrass. – A vegan delight with a hint of sweetness.

31. Sweet Chilli Chicken in Sticky Plum Sauce – Succulent diced chicken breast in a sweet and tangy sauce flavored with sweet chili sauce, plums, ginger, and hoisin. – A delightful balance of sweet and savory.

32. Vietnamese Style Beef Curry – Tender chunks of beef in a fragrant lemongrass and coconut sauce flavored with curry leaves and tamarind. – A Vietnamese-inspired feast.

33. Mushroom Ramen Vegan Ready Meal – Noodles in a mushroom-infused broth with edamame beans, pak choi, and wild mushrooms flavored with tamari. – A vegan noodle bowl that’s simply irresistible.

34. Chilli Con Carne With Cocoa & Black Bean – A smoky slow-cooked beef chili with black beans simmered in a tomato, cocoa powder, and cumin-infused sauce. – A comforting bowl of chili with a twist.

35. Creamy Cajun Bake With Lobster & Seafood – A lobster and seafood combination mixed with pasta in a creamy Cajun-style sauce and topped with a crunchy nacho crumb. – Seafood extravagance at its best.

36. Black Bean & Butternut Squash Quinoa Chilli – Vegan Ready Meal – A meat-free vegan* chili made with quinoa, butternut squash, and a mixture of beans and peppers. – A hearty vegan chili to warm your soul.

37. Chicken In Jamaican Style Jerk Sauce – Succulent diced chicken breast and peppers in an aromatic jerk-spiced sauce flavored with ginger, thyme, and chili. – A taste of the Caribbean in every bite.

38. Black Bean & Okra Vegetable Jambalaya – Vegan Ready Meal – Creole-style jambalaya rice mix with black bean, sweet potato, okra, and baby corn. – A vegan take on a New Orleans classic.

39. Kids Spaghetti Bolognese – A beef mince ragu mixed with spaghetti pasta. – Kid-approved and parent-friendly.

40. Kids Penne Pasta In Tomato Sauce – Delicious penne pasta in a tasty Italian-style tomato sauce. – A classic for the little ones.

41. Kids Fish Pie – White fish, peas, and sweetcorn in a creamy white sauce flavored with lemon and topped with cheesy mash. – A kid-friendly twist on a seafood favorite.

42. Kids Cottage Pie with Root Veg Mash – Beef mince and garden peas in a meaty sauce topped with sweet potato mash. – A comforting classic for the kids.

43. Kids Fruity Chicken Curry – Bite-sized diced chicken breast in a mild curry sauce mixed with fruit. – A fun and flavorful option for kids.

44. Kids Vegetable Lasagne – Sweet potato, red and green peppers, and sweetcorn in a tomato-based sauce layered between lasagne sheets and topped with a creamy béchamel sauce and cheese. – A cheesy and veggie-packed delight.

45. Kids Oriental Chicken Noodles – Succulent diced chicken breast mixed with noodles, red pepper, and baby corn in a mild sweet and sour sauce. – A kid-friendly noodle adventure.

46. Kids Hidden Veg Macaroni Cheese – Creamy macaroni cheese with hidden vegetables. – Sneak in some nutrition with this cheesy favorite.

47. Kids Butternut Squash Risotto – A creamy hidden vegetable risotto mix with diced butternut squash. – A comforting and nutritious choice for kids.

48. Curried Cumin Roast Potatoes – Sliced potatoes coated with tempered cumin seeds, turmeric, and medium heat spices. – A spicy side dish that complements any meal.

49. Plain Rice – Basmati white rice. – The perfect accompaniment to any Hey Fresto meal.

50. Tadka Pilau Rice – Pilau rice mixed with cumin seeds. – An aromatic rice dish that adds flair to your meal.

51. Kids Sunshine Rice – Sunshine rice, mixed with butternut squash, carrot, and sweetcorn. – A colorful and tasty option for kids.

52. Harissa & Herb Cous Cous – Couscous mixed with diced peppers, harissa paste, and mixed herbs. – A flavorful side dish that’s quick and easy to prepare.

53. Jasmine Rice – Fluffy, white, Jasmine rice infused with mint and fresh coriander. – A fragrant and aromatic choice for rice lovers.

54. Plain & Wild Rice – Seasoned fluffy white basmati rice mixed with wild rice. – A blend of textures and flavors that elevates your meal.

With Hey Fresto, you can choose to cook these incredible meals yourself or simply heat up a ready-made option. Say goodbye to weeknight dinner dilemmas and hello to convenient, delicious, and wholesome meals with Hey Fresto! Order your favorites today and savor the flavors of a stress-free dinner experience.