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At Hey Fresto, we believe in using the finest ingredients, sourced from tried and trusted suppliers. Most of our suppliers have been with us for some time and we regularly quality check any produce that comes into us for preparation of our frozen ready-made meals.


What is ‘provenance’?

Provenance is a word that you frequently see and hear about from manufacturers who source meat, fish, vegetables and fruit from suppliers.


Provenance is:

  • Knowing where food is grown or raised and under what conditions
  • How it is packed and stored, prior to delivery to its final destination
  • Knowing how the food is transported to the consumer/manufacturer

Every delivery we receive from suppliers is checked for quality, which is most vital to us in order to produce and serve high grade ready-made frozen meals to our customers.


As an island nation here in the UK, we are fortunate enough to be able to produce a great deal of our own food, whether from the land or the sea. Due to our climatic conditions and good quality soil, most food items can be locally grown, with the only exception being items such as exotic fruits and vegetables, that need a hotter climate than we have. Certain types of fish are also imported, as our waters may not suit the less well-known varieties. In terms of meat, the UK produces some of the finest meat anywhere in the world, usually in plentiful supply.


Transport and delivery

We try hard to keep ‘food miles’ down as best we can, hopefully keeping the carbon footprint at a minimum. Of course, there may be times where we have to go further afield for our produce, particularly in the instance of a farmer potentially having a bad crop year.


Once delivered to our custom built, state of the art manufacturing plant and thoroughly checked, we aim to prepare and cook the ingredients in the fastest possible time.


Our team of highly experienced chefs constantly test the quality of our recipes and accurately portion them prior to being blast frozen to lock in the flavour. From then on, it’s entirely up to you which of our frozen meals you would like to buy and try, from our varied dishes. We aim to continually add new innovations to the range, constantly evolving new recipes, flavours and texture to delight your tastebuds. From


British Fayre to Mediterranean, Indian Curries, Far Eastern flavours and more, there is something for everyone. We even take care of the kids!

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Packaging and Labelling

Our dishes are conveniently packed for ease of use and each one is labelled with ingredients and cooking instructions. What could be easier when you are up against the clock?


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