The art of reheating frozen food: A tasty guide

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Who doesn’t enjoy a ready-made lasagne after a hectic day in the office or a tasty vegetarian curry after the kid’s win their football game. Frozen meals offer convenience without compromising on taste and are a firm favourite for many navigating increasingly busy lives.

While frozen foods give us the quick and easy foods we desire, reheating them a second time, after we’ve not been able to finish them or perhaps the food got cold, can give us a large case of the collywobbles. We all know stories of people that have reheated chicken, rice or even prawn dishes badly, resulting in, well, you know… So it’s important that when we go in for a second heating of our favourite dish, you think before you reach for the microwave. Afterall, there’s a delicate balance between flavour and texture and, most importantly, food safety when it comes to reheating meals.

So what should you do with your leftover Hey Fresto! Chicken In Jamaican Style Jerk Sauce or Goan Style Piri Piri Prawn Curry to ensure those reheated dishes are as good as when they were first prepared? Here are our top tips.

The basics of reheating food

The Food Safety Act of 1990 emphasises the importance of correct handling, storage, and preparation when reheating food. It suggests the following:

  • Always defrost frozen products in the refrigerator rather than at room temperature to prevent bacterial growth and maintain food safety.
  • Once defrosted, use a microwave-safe container or oven-safe dish based on your preferred reheating method. Stirring at regular intervals ensures consistent heating throughout the meal.
  • For optimal results, follow the recommended reheating times on the food instruction label provided alongside that of the appliance being used.

Reheating fish: What could go wrong?

For seafood enthusiasts, Hey Fresto!’s fish pie with applewood smoked mash is a firm favourite but how would you tackle reheating such a dish? A cautious approach here is beneficial. To prevent overcooking and maintain the succulence of the seafood, consider using a microwave-safe cover or covering the dish to trap moisture during reheating. Ensure that you follow the cooking instructions. For an extra touch, finish off in the oven to achieve that perfect golden-brown crust.

Safety first: Is it safe to reheat rice?

Reheating rice properly is crucial to avoid foodborne illnesses caused by bacteria like Bacillus cereus. Hey Fresto!’s rice dishes are prepared and frozen with care, but when reheating any rice dish, make sure to cool it rapidly and store it in the fridge within two hours. Store in an airtight container and when reheating, ensure the rice is piping hot and stir to distribute the heat evenly.

The classic: How to reheat a lasagne

Lasagne is a timeless favourite and certainly one that Hey Fresto! customers return time and time again too. For an eating experience that’s as close to the original as possible with that perfectly crispy, golden top — reheating in the oven is always going to be your best bet. However, the microwave is a good reheating alternative that works just as well.

The oven: Individual servings or larger portions of lasagna can be reheated in a 325°F oven. Place your leftovers in an oven-safe dish, sprinkle with a little water or sauce, wrap in aluminium foil (you can use the original wrapper), and bake until the lasagne is heated through. To brown the top, remove the foil and bake for another five to 10 minutes. For extra cheesiness, you might want to add a little extra on top.

The microwave: One to two servings of leftover lasagna can easily be reheated in the microwave. Place the leftovers in a microwave-safe dish, sprinkle with a little bit of water or sauce, cover, and heat on medium for a minute. Check to see if the lasagna is heated all the way through. That’s it!

The airfryer: For a single serving, place the leftovers you wish to reheat in a loaf pan and cook on 375º for about 8 mins. Et Voila, and you have perfectly reheated lasagne in the airfryer.

Hey Fresto!’s commitment to quality

Hey Fresto! takes great pride in crafting chef-made meals that are frozen to lock in their freshness. We are committed to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and avoiding artificial additives to ensure that you have the best food delivered to your door.