Summer meal ideas: Food pairings for Pinterest’s ‘tea takeover’

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With 518 million monthly users who go to the platform to plan for the future, Pinterest is a true powerhouse when it comes to understanding trends. Pinterest Predicts is a trend identification exercise compiled from dominant search patterns, and outlines top trends from fashion to food and everything in between. And, in case you were sceptical of their legitimacy, 80% (that’s eight out of ten) of Pinterest’s predictions actually become popular.

Pinterest’s ‘tea takeover’

When it comes to drinks choices through summer 2024, it’s good news if you aren’t much of a cappuccino drinker, as coffee is out and tea is in!

Specifically, the following 

  • Persian tea
  • Matcha milk tea
  • Strawberry ice tea
  • Coco milk tea
  • Lemon ice tea

It’s hardly surprising that ice tea is anticipated to be a fan favourite, as it’s considered a refreshing drink of choice. Hot tea, however, might raise some eyebrows but we’re learning that a hot drink on a hot day will cool you down faster – so perhaps not so odd.

So, what’s the best grub to have with your brew?

The best food pairings:

Persian tea (chai)

Persian tea, known more commonly as “chai,” is brewed from loose black leaves and is a warm and spicy tea. If this is your summer drink of choice, curry spices are a natural companion. No matter your spice tolerance, we’ve got a number of options to find your perfect pairing; from chicken korma, lamb dhansak to garlic chilli beef madras. Check out our Indian ready meals to get your taste buds going!

Black teas also pair well with hearty, rich foods such as roast meats like beef, lamb and venison or heavy pasta dishes like lasagna!

Matcha or coco milk tea

Since its inception, milk tea has often been served with traditional Asian meals. It has proved popular paired with noodles, and spicy or savoury sauces to balance the sweet tastes. From the Hey Fresto! range, you could opt for our mushroom ramen or chicken & prawn chow mein.

Alternatively, citrus fruits intensify the matcha flavour, so a dreamy combination could be our mango & lemongrass vegetable laksa. A classic Malaysian style noodle dish made with mango, butternut squash, baby corn & pak choy and flavoured with lemongrass.

Strawberry or lemon ice tea

One of the best ways to complement a flavoured iced tea is with a rich and hearty beef dinner. You could try our beef stew or beef rendang dishes for a unique flavour profile.

Lighter chicken dishes also work well with citrusy teas. So, why not try Hey Fresto!’s chicken & leek in creamy tarragon sauce? It’s diced chicken breast in a creamy leek and white wine infused sauce, packed with flavour and the perfect accompaniment  to balance the citrus flavours.