How Long do Frozen Meals Last?

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Slaving over a hot stove is not appealing to a lot of people, particularly for those that have a busy work life. It can often be the last thing you want to do when you get home after work and are potentially starving hungry!

It can also feel like an arduous chore, knowing that you must feed the kids first and then your partner a few hours later, as their food choices will not necessarily be the same.

One of the challenges over and above this has been the recent pandemic, which caused shopping chaos, supermarkets running out of food, vast queues and unappealing dishes, rattling around in the bottom of a shop freezer, potentially no choice and unappetising frozen meals. This will certainly be the time when you wish you had organised deliveries of readymade gourmet frozen meals to your door, that have restaurant quality flavour as well as a selection of dishes that would appeal to the most discerning diners, adult or child!

Hey Fresto! would have solved this problem for you with the mouth-watering range of meals in handy two and four portions – something for you and for the kids.

How long does frozen food last?

You have no need to worry about how long Hey Fresto!’s frozen meals last. Every single dish prepared by our experienced chefs is full of flavour, of top quality and frozen to perfection. When they are delivered to you, you only need to pop them into your freezer (no worries) and decide which of the glorious meals you are having that night (big decision!). How long do meals that are frozen last? Just about as long as it takes for you to resist them!

We produce frozen ready meals that last, of that you can be assured. Easy to pack with convenient sizes that fit neatly into your freezer, you can easily find exactly what you want to eat, quickly, and have your meals piping hot on the table in rapid time, to feed your hungry family.

No corners are cut when it comes to choosing quality, well-sourced ingredients, cooking methods and importantly, frozen ready meals that will last the test of time in your freezer, without damaging quality, flavour or texture. Our methods of preparation after the meals have cooled down to the right temperature include blast freezing in the shortest of time to lock in quality and flavour, all without using additives to aid the process! Attractive and easy to read labels and instructions make the whole task so easy, you will wish you had done it before.

Are there any safety rules on how long pre-frozen meals last?

The Food Safety Agency (government legislative board) recommend up to 3 months and you can rest assured that Hey Fresto!’s frozen meals follow all guidelines issued by the government for safe freezing, and that your meals appear from freezer to table at their best. Do not worry, your gourmet delights will not last that long, as you will be eating them way before that!

Please do check your freezer regularly and look after it, as we do before and during delivery to your door. Older freezers may not function properly, so a regular temperature check is strongly advised.

If in any doubt and as a guideline, check your freezer’s user manual. The number of stars (these look like snowflakes) is your freezer rating, which the manufacturer will have determined as to how long you should keep the food for. Each manufacturer will have their own guides for how long to expect gourmet frozen meals to last, along these lines:

  • One star (-6°C) is perfect for making ice cubes and is sufficiently cold to keep food for three or four days.
  • ** Two stars (-12°C) stores food for fifteen to twenty days.
  • *** Three stars (-18°C) will keep food safe for up to three months.
  • **** Four stars (below -18°C) means that the compartment provides the ideal conditions for freezing down fresh and pre-cooked foods.

Enjoy our range of delicious frozen meals – the quality is made to last, but the temptation to eat them is a much more immediate!