Top 7 Tips How To Look After Your Freezer

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Freezers have come on leaps and bounds since the first one was invented in 1927.

The most important thing is to always look after your freezer. They are built to last up to 10 years (some go on much longer than that if you take care of them), and this means not overpacking, packing frozen goods sensibly so theres plenty of space in your freezer, not letting frost build-up and setting the correct temperature ( which is around -19c at room temperature)

Good food, such as that supplied by Hey Fresto Ready Made Meals, needs some TLC, in order to preserve its quality and flavour.

Luckily, or by good design, most modern freezers are now frost-free, but they can still ice up if you ever leave the freezer door open, even a tiny bit.

You also need to check that the sills remain clean and intact with a tight seal – warped seals will cause air to get into the freezer and create a build-up of frost and even ice.

The best top tips for your home freezer

Keeping your freezer in good condition will stand you in good stead and save you money at the same time. Here is how:

  1. Defrost your freezer at least every year, but more often if you get a build-up of ice, whether this is on the freezer walls, or you see ice collecting around your products. Switch off and take out the plug. Make sure you have somewhere to store to prevent defrosting – a neighbour or a friend may be able to help. No point in turning everything off and then panicking.
  2. If you want to defrost quicker, place some pots of hot water inside the empty freezer and leave the lid/door ajar. Put some old towels, newspaper or similar around the base, in case of leakage (this can occur if the seals are warped). Some people choose to use a hairdryer to start the process of defrosting.
  3. Whatever you do, do not hack at the ice with a sharp-edged instrument. You can pierce the walls and cause the gas to escape – if this happens, you will hear a hissing sound and your freezer will probably need to be replaced. If you do not hear a noise, call out an engineer who may be able to repair it professionally. It is not advisable to try to repair it yourself, this may affect the freezing temperature that you need.
  4. Once empty and totally defrosted, check all the sills before refilling the freezer. Make sure they are intact and clean of any food debris. Wash out the freezer with warm water and dry thoroughly.
  5. At this stage, look through your items, and throw any away that you have frozen to ‘eat at some point’ and never have! Make sure you date anything you have frozen yourself, and certainly never freeze anything until it is completely cool.
  6. Check the coils at the back of the freezer, make sure they are clean and devoid of dust or other debris. It is surprising what can collect on there. You are ready to plug back in.
  7. Now is the time to organise your freezer, so that you can find things easily – date order as well. Wipe off each packet/container before repacking. It is a good idea to put your Hey Fresto Ready Meals in one section (complete meals) and anything like frozen veg and half-empty packets of say, chips, in a different section. If your freezer is big enough, put your ready meals into sections such as meat, fish or pasta dishes etc. Do not refreeze anything that is on its way to softening up – there could be a bacteria growth already in action.

Household appliances consume around 20% of energy in your household bills, with around 11% of that being fridge/freezers.

If you have an old freezer, it is worth considering replacing it, as with advance in technology and legislation, energy efficient and money saving appliances are on sale everywhere.

This is the time not to worry about being ‘green’ – a new freezer these days will help you become more green than an old one.

Finally, remember your freezer needs ‘breathing space’ good air circulation , so don’t cram things in too tightly, in order to let the air circulate.

Happy freezing!