Planning A Staycation? Let Hey Fresto! Handle Your Holiday Dining

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After months of lockdown, the UK is finally beginning to enjoy some form of freedom once again. Trips and travel to self-catering accommodation is allowed across the country, and many of us are eager to get on holiday and explore some beautiful local destinations. Self-catering breaks are all well and good, but you still have the hassle of home cooking while you are away. Eating out is beginning to return, but currently outdoor dining is the only option and tables in restaurants and pubs are certainly limited. If you are dreading having to prepare family meals during your staycation, then consider having gourmet ready meals delivered to your door. Here at Hey Fresto! we have everything you need to enjoy a relaxing getaway and delicious cuisine, without the bother of shopping, cooking and cleaning. 

Why Choose A Meal Delivery Service For Your Holiday?

Whether you are travelling with family or as a couple, the last thing you want is to worry about food shopping and cooking during your holiday. Choosing to have gourmet ready meals delivered to your door means you can relax and let us handle the hard work. Relying on dining out and takeaways isn’t always realistic, especially when you are visiting a new area and are unsure on the options available. Pubs and restaurants will be reopening for indoor dining on 17th May, but even then, spaces will be hard to come by unless you book well in advance. Dining out for every meal of your holiday can also be an expensive and difficult option, particularly when you have children in tow. 

With Hey Fresto! you can have delicious dinners delivered directly to your holiday home during your stay. There is no need to spend precious holiday time shopping for food or preparing meals for your loved ones. All you have to do is choose your favourites before you head off on holiday and have your gourmet ready meals delivered to your door when you arrive. As long as your self-catering accommodation has a fridge-freezer and microwave or oven for you to use, you will be all set to relish in restaurant-quality food during your getaway. 

Not only this, using a meal delivery service will help cut down food waste when your holiday is over.

Gourmet Ready Meals Delivered To Your Door During Your Staycation

Arranging to have gourmet ready meals delivered to your door during your holiday couldn’t be easier. Simply check that Hey Fresto! deliver to your destination and then begin choosing your favourite holiday dishes. Let us know on when you order if you have a specific day you would prefer your meals to be delivered on. We deliver Monday to Friday. We offer bundles which are perfect for families of four, such as our Family Night in Bundle, or if you are travelling as a couple our Meal For 2 Bundle is ideal. You can choose scrumptious British classics such as Beef Stew with Red Wine & Root Vegetables for some home comforts during your trip. For those real holiday vibes, pick some delicious meals from our Mediterranean range such as Seafood Paella or Chicken and Chorizo Arabiata Pasta.

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