5 Reasons Why Frozen Food Can be a Healthier Option

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There is an assumption that frozen food is ‘not good for you’, or ‘is unhealthy’. This in fact, could not be further from the truth, as in the world of nutrition, scientific evidence proves the complete opposite.

Without mind-boggling you with science, here are the simple reasons why frozen food can be a healthier option.

Freezing locks in nutrients

Frozen food manufacturers, or those making ready meals and freezing them, understand how important the process of choosing fruit and vegetables at the right time, picking them, and freezing within the shortest possible time. This ensures that vitamins and minerals are locked in and not lost in the process. Fresh food however, will lose nutrients over time, the longer they sit around in the vegetable rack or in the fridge.

Choosing frozen food give you the option of the best from every food group, not just fruit and vegetables, but also whole grains, protein and dairy.

You can mix and match frozen foods with fresh

If you have ever gone to make a meal and found that you are missing some of the ingredients, by having a freezer with some basic staples can solve the problem. For instance, adding frozen vegetables to a protein or grain dish, can create a delicious stir fry, or other meal of your choice. Just make sure you always check nutrition labels to avoid any excess fat or sodium that may be incorporated into the frozen food.

Equally so, a ready made vegetable dish can be added to meat to create a tasty casserole or stew, particularly if the frozen meal has an unctuous sauce.

Frozen food can be a healthier option if you are short of time

So, you are in a hurry or running late for an appointment? Rather than grab and go with a sugar-laden snack bar or a bag of deep fried snacks, keep a selection of healthy ready made frozen meals in your freezer. This also applies to coming home exhausted after work, and munching down on a sugary bowl of cereal. It’s not healthy and you certainly won’t sleep after a sugar rush. A delicious roasted Mediterranean vegetable paella can be ready for you in just 8 minutes from Hey Fresto, and has all the nutrients you need.

Portion Control is your best friend

Do you overeat sometimes? Are you looking to lose weight? Using portion control along with eating healthy foods is the answer to a sustainable weight loss.  Frozen ready meals can be bought in 1, 2 or multiple portions to ensure that you eat the right amount. Just remember to check the labels to find out the weight and nutritional information.

Say ‘no’ to preservatives

Frozen food, processed in the right way, should never contain preservatives, which are harmful to your body. Always choose a manufacturer who clearly marks ‘contains no preservatives’ or similar on their labelling. This applies to all frozen products including any form of processed meat or fish. Often, preservatives are used for food products that are cooked in oil, to prevent the oil from turning rancid. Beware!

Finally, and on the economics side of the coin, frozen food can often be far cheaper than fresh, and you have no worries about seasonality – you can buy almost anything you wish at any time of the year. So, if you are on a tight budget, opt for frozen foods to keep your pocket healthy as well!