5 Frozen Food Myths – Debunked

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Having frozen ready made meals delivered straight to your home has endless benefits. They can save you money, help you eat healthier and leave you more time to spend doing what you love. Despite all these great advantages, having frozen ready meals still seems to have a bad reputation in some people’s eyes.

There are many misconceptions surrounding ready made meals and frozen food, and today we are busting five common frozen meal myths and explaining the truth behind Hey Fresto! food. 

Frozen Ready Meals Are Full Of Additives And Preservatives

We often have customers ask if our meals use additives and preservatives. With Hey Fresto! you will never find any of these in any of our meals, and we don’t use refined sugars or excess salt either. Unlike chilled ready meals, our dishes are frozen immediately, keeping them fresh without any nasty extras. When you have frozen ready meals delivered, you can choose from our wide range of dishes, and see a full list of ingredients and nutritional information.  

Ready Meals Use Low Quality Ingredients

One very common myth is that ready meals are poor quality, and don’t use high-end ingredients. At Hey Fresto! all of our meals are prepared using quality produce, such as our Cheese and Cauliflower Bake which is carefully cooked with Croxton Manor Cheese. Every ingredient we use is sourced from approved and ethically sourced suppliers, and thoroughly inspected before being used in any of our dishes. 

Frozen Meals Are Less Nutritious

Many people believe that frozen foods are heavily processed, and therefore less nutritious than their fresh counterparts. In actual fact, frozen ready meals are frozen immediately to lock in all their nutritional value. When frozen and packaged correctly, frozen food can have just as many nutrients as home cooking. At Hey Fresto! we provide all of the nutritional information for each of our dishes directly on our website, so you can review them when choosing to have your frozen ready meals delivered.

Having Frozen Ready Meals Delivered Isn’t Possible With Allergies

Everyone with a food allergy knows they have to be a little more careful with what they eat, but a common thought is that they have to avoid ready meals all together. In actual fact, ready meals are required to list allergens and all ingredients on their packaging. When you have frozen ready meals delivered from Hey Fresto! you can choose dishes which are vegan, gluten free, dairy free and more. 

Ready Meals Are Boring

Years ago, the variety in frozen ready meals might have been limited, but today, there are so many options available. Hey Fresto! offer loads of different cuisines and dishes to try, so you can choose Indian ready meals, American favourites or British Fayre. Whatever you fancy, you can find a frozen ready meal to satisfy your tastebuds. 

Explore our full range of frozen ready meals which can be delivered directly to you. You can discover more of our delicious, nutritious dishes

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