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The quality of frozen ready meals has vastly improved over the last few decades. No longer do they resemble ‘TV dinners’, companies such as Hey Fresto provide gourmet meals with quality ingredients, delivered direct to your door.

With the world revolving at breakneck speed, we all need a little help at times, without downgrading the quality of the food that we eat. There really is no need to feel that readymade frozen meals are anything but superior in quality and taste.

A classic example has been the recent COVID-19 pandemic, when panic buying occurred and if you visited a supermarket or tried to get a delivery, you faced empty shelves or no delivery slots available. So how do you feed your family in circumstances like this?

Keeping a stock of easy to cook frozen readymade meals would solve any temporary crisis, including if you have had a whirlwind of a working day and just haven’t had the time to prepare anything for dinner that night. What better than knowing that you have a delicious lasagne, a wholesome beef stew or a warming curry to spice up your life and tickle your tastebuds, that you can take out of the freezer and serve, and the family will tuck in and savour every mouthful?

Meal planning has never been so simple!

5 Misconceptions about Frozen Ready Meals

Whilst most people have realised that there is nothing wrong with frozen ready meals, there is still the old school of thought that quality suffers, and food isn’t good if it has been frozen, or ‘fresh is best’. This is simply no longer true. Correct freezing methods that seal in the nutrients and flavour are now far more advanced than ever before.

The 5 most misconceptions about frozen ready meals are:

  1. Food loses valuable nutrition when frozen
  2. Fresh is best
  3. Frozen food expires quickly
  4. All readymade frozen food is highly processed and contains too many preservatives
  5. Frozen meals contain a high level of sodium

There are several other misconceptions, but those listed above are probably the most thought about that wrongly accuse frozen ready meals of nothing short of an act of treason!

Of course, preparation and cooking methods, as well as quality and flavour do vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Rest assured that Hey Fresto use top quality ingredients, sourced from local suppliers, plus up to date methods of freezing to maintain health and nutritional standards. There are also very little, or no preservatives contained in each meal.

Consider Convenience

After all the misconceptions that fly around, you must look at the positives, one of which is the ease of having readymade frozen meals correctly stored in your freezer. No need to worry if the shops have run out of products, and no need to give your family any makeshift meals. You already have a delicious dinner or supper waiting for you!

At Hey Fresto, we have convenient portion sizes from 1–4 so you can stock up accordingly. If the children eat early after school, and you eat later, there is no problem on timing. Not only that, but your order is also delivered to your door on a day that is convenient to you.

What is there not to love? With over 50 delicious meal choices including vegan and vegetarian, Hey Fresto will keep you nutritionally well-fed and your tummies full!

Take a look at or range of meal bundles to keep your freezer well-stocked with a wide variety of tasty foods.

Frozen ready meals are a great addition to any household and can be enjoyed with great drinks too. If you are interested in what drink to have for your delicious ready meal, check out our best food and drink pairings blog.