Top 10 Fast And Healthy Dinner Ideas

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Whether you are home late after a full day at work, or had a busy afternoon running around after the family, the last thing you want is to spend hours cooking dinner. Having frozen ready meals delivered to your door means you can enjoy delicious, nutritious dishes without the time or hassle. You can have kids meals delivered as well, so you can feed your whole family quickly and easily.

Check out our top 10 fast and healthy dinner ideas:


Spinach And Lentil Pie With Kale Mash

This vegan dish is a firm favourite among our customers who get frozen ready meals delivered. With just 379 calories per serving, and plenty of nutritious vegetables packed in, this meal is a healthy dinner which can be on your plate in 35 minutes. There is no fuss in preparation, simply remove packaging and place on a baking tray in the oven.

Chicken & Chorizo Arabiata Pasta

Scrumptious pasta dishes don’t have to mean slaving away in the kitchen. This Mediterranean ready meal can be microwaved just 7 minutes and is a healthy dish at just 406 calories. Plenty of vegetables are packed into this dinner, with tomatoes, red pepper and onion making up the delicious arabiata sauce. 

Kids Cottage Pie With Root Veg Mash

If you are looking for kids meals delivered for a fast and healthy dinner, then this is top pick. High quality beef mince and garden peas are cooked in a meaty sauce and topped with tasty sweet potato mash. Children of all ages love this hearty dinner, and it can be ready to eat in just 25 minutes. 

Chicken And Prawn Chow Mein

At just 375 calories per portion and a whopping 33g of protein and carbohydrates, this meal is perfect for those watching their macros and calorie intake. On your plate in just 7 minutes, make sure you choose this fast, healthy dish when having frozen ready meals delivered. 

Garlic Chilli Beef Madras

Curries when made at home are a labour of love, and curries from a restaurant or takeaway are usually packed full of high calorie ingredients. Our Garlic Chilli Beef Madras is a healthy 364 calories and can be microwaved in less than 10 minutes.

Black Bean And Okra Vegetable Jambalaya

Another vegan ready meal has made our top list, and this American inspired dinner is unbeatably delicious. Creole style jambalaya rice is combined with sweet potato, black beans, okra and baby corn.

Kids Penne In Tomato Sauce

Even the fussiest of eaters will love this penne pasta in simple Italian tomato sauce. Add this to your selection of kids meals delivered for a quick and healthy weeknight staple.

Mushroom Ramen

Journey to the Far East at dinner time with this fast and easy Mushroom Ramen. At less than 200 calories per serving, this meal is ideal for when you are on a diet or watching your weight. 

Chicken And Leek In Creamy Tarragon Sauce

This impressive meal gives the impression of a lovingly home cooked dinner but can be on your plate with zero effort in just 7 minutes. High quality chicken breast is coated in a creamy leek and white wine infused sauce, and all for less than 400 calories.

Vegetable Paella With Cashew Nuts

Packed full of roasted Mediterranean vegetables, this ready meal is super healthy and filling. Fresh from the oven in just 30 minutes, or when you are really short on time, you can enjoy this dish in just 7 minutes from the microwave. 


Eating a healthy diet is also a great method of self-care to improve your well-being. Find out how you can get a balanced diet from your frozen food.